2015 Signed First Editions Selections

            January 2015          Christopher Scotton           The Secret Wisdom of the Earth


          February 2015          Kristin Hannah            The Nightingale


          March 2015          Jamie Kornegay           Soil


          April 2015           Sara Gruen           At the Waters Edge


         May 2015           Aline Ohanesian      Orhan's Inheritance


        June 2015          Rebecca Dinerstein     The Sunlit Night


        July 2015           Kent Wascom                Secessia



       August 2015        Paula McClain               Circling the Sun


       September 2015       Ron Rash                     Above the Waterfall


       October 2015           A. E. Hotchner                Hemingway in Love


       November 2015        Peter Golden               Wherever There Is Light


      December 2015        Jon Meacham              Destiny and Power