Signed First Editions Club

We continually screen thousands of advance reading copies to pick books of literary merit with a potential of being collectible. After we secure first printings and the author signs, your copy is carefully wrapped and protected, then shipped to your doorstep.

Over the years, many of the world's most respected and best known writers have signed for us, including John Updike, Philip Roth, Richard Russo, Isabel Allende, Paul Auster, Pat Conroy, Edna O'Brien, and Anne Rice. We may be even more proud to have showcased emerging stars like Kathryn Stockett and her amazing book, The Help, before anyone ever heard of her or it. A signed first edition is now selling for around $1,000.

We mention discovering great writers because one of the aims of this club is to add value to your book collection. This is made possible because club members only pay regular retail price for all titles. Although we cannot guarantee that the value of any of these selections will skyrocket to more than 200 times original retail price, as did a few of Pat Conroy's early titles, we can tell you that almost every Alabama Booksmith Signed First Editions Club choice has already increased in value, some as much as 200%, and several as much as 400% to 4,000%!

We know there are other terrific clubs at a few fine bookstores around the country, but we invite you to give us a closer look. Because we do not concentrate on regional books and many of our top writers do not tour, we have become the fastest growing Signed First Editions Club in America. Our titles from top to bottom are of the highest quality for international literary respectability and net worth increase. We regularly receive rave reviews from members across the nation and around the world expressing those thoughts. Our members also receive first offering on very limited signed copies that are not monthly selections as well as special seating at store events for those who live within driving distance. To begin receiving your awesome library additions immediately Click Here for our secure, encrypted link.

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