Signed Copies

Signed First Editions Club

As far as we can determine, The Alabama Booksmith in Homewood, Alabama is the only book shop on the planet that sells signed copies exclusively - and almost all at regular publisher's retail price. This site includes every copy on every shelf in our real store. 

Every copy comes with a certificate authenticating the signature and precisely how it was acquired. By clicking on the cover or the title, you can see the author's signature on the page he or she signed. You will also be able to view the author's picture from our Wall of Fame (we put each author up the first time they sign, so some may be decades old). Finally, is our own synopsis of the book. You may search by title, author or category.

When we identify a copy as FIRST EDITION it is a FIRST PRINTING. Later printings are simply called hardbacks.

Almost all our signed copies are sold at publisher's regular retail price. However, we have a handful that increased in value so quickly we must move them to our Collector's Corner. These treasures are still well below market, but above regular publisher's retail price.

It sometimes takes 24 hours to remove a title, once it is sold out, and likewise to add a new title. Our web site is of course open 24/7, but the sales office hours are 10:00 am CST  to 6:00 pm CST, Monday through Saturday. We will personally confirm availability of every purchase before your card is charged.