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Check out the way other sicko-book folks (and we express that nomenclature with love and affection) handle their libraries.

All of these libraries include valuable signed first editions purchased at regular publisher's issue price - as if they were not first printings nor signed. Here's how:

Even better, many have important signed first editions regularly shipped to their doorstep, at regular publisher's issue price. Here's how:

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Hal Albritton - Alabama 




Tracy Bell - Alabama




Greg Boone - Ohio




Ariel Bosi - Florida




Clay Byars - Alabama




Peytie Carmichael - Alabama




Mike Comer - Alabama




Leah Dueffer - Alabama




Stephen Ellison - Alabama





Ric Evans - Kansas




Guillermo Gallegos - Mexico




Ed George - Alabama




Kim Hall - Florida




Malcolm Hardin - Alabama




Sharon Harris - Arizona




Jana Hocutt - Alabama




Gilbert Huey - Georgia




Huntley Johnson - Florida




Julia Johnson - California


Ken Kelly - Texas




Chris King - Alabama




Claudette Lovvorn - Alabama




Tim Lupinacci - Alabama




John Martin-Rutherford - Kentucky




Joshua Moore - Alabama




Ken Panton - New Zealand




Ginni Parker - Alabama




Pam Payne - Alabama




Fluffy Porter - Arkansas




Joey Powell - Kentucky




Sandra Reiss - Alabama




Cheryl Russell - Ohio




Stephen Russell - Alabama




Jack Shannon - Alabama




Alfred Smith - Alabama




Emily Thomas - Alabama




Britney Vachon - Georgia




Winnie Vahle - Massachusetts




John Velke - Virginia




Frank White - California




Kate Wolf-Pizor 




Phil Zacheretti - Tennessee