9780 Paul Bryant Drive

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9780 PAUL BRYANT DRIVE is the powerful story of two great athletes who were more courageous human beings. Coach Paul Bryant was quoted as saying he wanted to be the Branch Rickey of cillege football, and John Mitchell and Wilbur Jackson made that dream a reality by integrating the University of Alabama football team. This gorgeous keepsake is how it happened.


THIS COPY (shown below) is a first edition hand signed by Steve Skipper on back of the endpaper at the store. It is a new, first edition, opened only for signing and comes with a certificate authenticating the signatures. Published in February, 2023 by Anointed Homes Art.


STEVE SKIPPER (pictured below from our Wall of Fame) has had his artwork sanctioned by NASCAR, the PGA, Coach Nick Saban, Ambassador Andrew Young and dozens of other prestigious organizations and national leaders in all fields. Thank you Steve Skipper for signing our books.

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