Damn Glad to Meet You: My Seven Decades in the Hollywood Trenches

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DAMN GLAD TO SEE YOU are the words Tim Matheson used in his role as Rush Chairman Eric "Otter" Stratton in National Lampoon's Animal House. He is also known for playing Vice President John Hoynes in The West Wing. He has appeared in a ton of shows on the small screen and big screen, including Bonanza, Leave It To Beaver, and Twilight Zone. A few of the major stars he worked with are Clint Eastwood, Bob Hope, Mel Brooks, John Belushi, Lucille Ball and Chevy Chase. The book mentions many of these and tells of the ever-changing entertainment industry.

THIS COPY was hand signed by Tim Matheson on a page bound into the book. It is a new, unread, unopened first edition and comes with a certificate authenticating the signature. Published in November, 2024, by Hachette Books.


TIM MATHESON was twice nominated for prime time Emmys. Thank you Tim Matheson for signing our books.

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