Face It: A Memoir

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FACE IT is a compelling memoir from the lead singer of Blondie, one of the most important and successful bands to come out of the 1970's punk rock scene in New York City. Their unique blend of punk, new wave, reggae, and hip-hop lead to a series of hits, including "Heart of Glass," "Call Me," and "Rapture," the first song featuring rap to top the charts. Through her skilled storytelling and unique outlook on life, Harry shares her remarkable life, including the band's commercial heights as well as her own personal lows, including bankruptcy and heroin addiction, as well as how she came out on the other side to be one of music's greatest elder stateswomen.


THIS COPY (shown below) was signed by Debbie Harry on a page bound into the book by the publisher. It is a new, unread, unopened hardback edition. Published in October, 2019 by Dey Street Books, an imprint of HarperCollins. **SPECIAL BONUS while they last, our signed copies come with a Face It pin compliments of Debbie Harry, Dey Street Books and The Alabama Booksmith.



DEBBIE HARRY (pictured below from our Wall of Fame) is the co-founder of Blondie, who recorded four #1 hits during their time together. She is also an actress, appearing in films such as Hairspray, Cop Land, Deuces Wild, and many others. In addition, she is active in philanthropic causes, especially environmental and LGBTQ+ causes. Thank you Debbie Harry for signing our books.

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