Before We Were Yours

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BEFORE WE WERE YOURS is based on the real scandal surrounding Georgia Tann, a Memphis-based adoption center director who kidnapped poor children and sold them to wealthy parents across the United States over three decades. The story revolves around one young girl named Rill and her brothers and sisters who are taken into custody by social services and eventually sold to different couples around the country. Eventually, despite becoming a successful attorney, a chance encounter spurs her to answer the painful questions of her broken childhood and attempt to find answers and, hopefully, justice.


THIS COPY will be signed on a specially designed bookplate by Lisa Wingate at her home. It is a new, unread copy opened only to apply the bookplate. Published in June, 2017 by Ballantine Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House.


LISA WINGATE is the author of over thirty novels and a nonfiction book, Before and After, coauthored with Judy Christie. Her award-winning works have been selected for state and community One Book reads throughout the country, have been published in over forty languages, and have appeared on bestseller lists worldwide. Thank you Lisa Wingate for signing our books.

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