Genesis: The Deep Origin of Societies

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GENESIS is another thought-provoking work by the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner as he turns his keen mind to the human history of evolution and religion, positing that they only way to truly understand how human behavior has developed is to examine the evolutionary history of non-human species.


THIS COPY was signed on the title page by Edward O. Wilson in his office. It is a new, unread first edition opened only for signing.  Published in March, 2019 by Liveright, an imprint of W.W. Norton.


EDWARD O. WILSON (pictured below from our Wall of Fame) is a Homeboy (born in Birmingham and raised in Mobile, B.S. and M.S. from the University of Alabama) who never forgot his roots. He is the most respected naturalist on earth, and in the twenty plus years since he retired from Harvard, he has written fifteen books. Among the huge number of honors, he has won two Pulitzer Prizes.  Thank you Edward O. Wilson for signing our books.

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